Leopoly technological description


Leopoly offers a complete digital asset creation platform and content management solution specializing in easy to use 3D and VR / AR tools, content management and asset libraries in the browser, on mobile devices and in Virtual and Augmented reality (AR/VR) and stand alone applications for many industries including

  • 3D Printing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Game Development
  • Web Development

Our aim is to provide the best solution to create and deploy amazing digital content on any platform easily and effectively.


Leopoly’s proprietary 3D Engine is built up from the ground in C++ and WebGL allowing us to offer clients high quality, custom turn-key products that are lightweight and deployed faster for any platform. Our engine and modular development processes are key to enabling our team to remain agile and provide superior products for every client.

All of our 3D and VR tools are available everywhere you are.

  • Modular C++ Engine utilizing WebGL and very soon WebVR technology to bring our 3D and VR engine to the Web.
  • Cross-Platform Availability
    • Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge…)
    • Mobile devices (Android, iOS)
    • AR/MR/VR Platforms (HTC Vive, Oculus, HoloLens, Meta...)
  • Browser based 3D and VR applications and asset creation.
  • VR 3D modeling applications and asset management


We make it easy for you to create, customize, assemble, share, import, and export 3D files and digital objects within seconds. Leopoly offers a wide range of 3D design tools and products from our premier ShapeLab applications for 3D modeling in the browser and in VR to 3D product configurators and multi-user collaboration using our 3D sculpting and parametric design tools. We also offer a huge online gallery where users can save, store, share their creations. Check out some of our products and services below.

Platform Features

  • 3D/VR/AR sculpting and painting
  • 3D engraving (images, text and patterns)
  • Microsite creation and deployment
  • Manage assets and users through a simple web interface
  • Create 3D editors and configurators easily and no programming required
  • Add multi-user collaboration tools to any project
  • Developer API for customizing everything, including the tools, user interface and much more
  • Create embeddable 3D and soon WebVR content
  • Import/Export all major 3D and vector files. Texture maps and CPV supported
    • .STL, .OBJ, .WRL, .FBX, .PLY
    • .AI, .SVG
  • Import 3D Scan Data
  • Repair 3D meshes and scan data automatically

Shape Lab Products

  • ShapeLab VR - VR 3D modeling tools available on Steam / Oculus Store / Vive port
  • 3D editing tools available in any browser and on mobile devices
  • ShapeLab LT - 3D editing on Mobile VR platform compatible including GearVR and Google Daydream

3D Sculpting and Painting

  • Pull/Push the surface directly with different intensity
  • Erase the surface you do not need or like
  • Smooth the surface to decrease polygons and simplify your creation
  • Flatten the 3D object to create perfectly flat surfaces
  • Edge the grooves or any part of your object
  • Sculpt the object as if it was plasticine
  • Shift parts of the mesh to move features and details around as needed
  • Mirror mode enables you to sculpt on both side of the object symmetrically
  • Modify Paint color, hue, saturation & brightness and Color picking tools

Parametric Design

  • Create primitive objects like square, cylinder and spheres, and define segments and radius
  • Specify unit of measure
  • Define objects segments
  • Modify the vertical resolution and the sides of the object
  • Twist objects to deform them into fun and useful shapes
  • Squeeze objects to modify specific regions
  • Wave/Ripple the object on X, Y, Z axis
  • Scale on any axis or uniformly

Developer Support

Developers will be able to harness the power of our BEDROCK API to rapidly create and deploy custom solutions for your clients, such as ecommerce products, 3D editors and product configurators, VR experiences and more

  • Javascript API
  • Modular deployment of tools and features
  • Customize the tools, user interfaces and features for any project
  • Interface driven or automated microsite deployment for…
    • ecommerce products,
    • 3D editors and configurators,
    • VR experiences using multi-user applications


Using our modular 3D engine we are able to offer services and white box solutions for many industries including Entertainment, Education and Enterprise, as well as for 3D and VR content developers.